Coronavirus Update: NO PANIC

Hi Guys!

Coronavirus has been known for years. It did NOT appear in 2019 as its nickname COVID-2019 may suggest. The evil media represent it as a novel kind of virus that will kill the whole World. It won’t.

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The only serious health problem it may pose is causing severe pneumonia that can be, however, easily tamed with antibiotics when taken on time.

The best tip for you is not only washing hands but to improve your immunity and quit bad habits.

Stop eating sugary products at least during this pandemic situation. Eat more fruits and vegetables.

Media trick us all. They want us to do what they tell us to. They want us to sit at home in fear.

Be brave. The hysteria will end soon. Amazon restarts FBA on the 5th of April so get ready for the massive sales inflow. The prepared are the armed ones.

Good luck and stay healthy!

Sincerely Yours,
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