How to Buy or Sell Amazon Account

Are you looking for a trusted place to sell Amazon account or Walmart business stores with great selling history and feedback? Or buy?

Premium Sellers is the right choice for you. We are a safe haven for desperate eCommerce sellers. Sell Amazon account or business with us!

With our help, you can either purchase an existing Amazon or Walmart store or business; or transfer your unused store to us or our partners and get paid for that online.

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In stock, we have valuable aged Amazon accounts for sale: both with and without active inventory and listings and at the best prices. Our Amazon store residence locations include USA, Canada, UK, the rest of Europe, Israel, Ukraine, Russia, etc.


“How Can I Sell Amazon Account or Walmart Marketplace Store?”

You can sell Amazon account or Walmart selling account or working business through our service if you don’t need it anymore.

It’s an absolutely safe and sound deal for you since we pay upfront after evaluating your account (click to sell your account).

To sell your Amazon account or business, please email us at: or add us in Whatsapp, Messenger, or Telegram by clicking the preferred button below:

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Premium Amazon Seller Stores

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Important! We now also provide the restricted Amazon category or brand ungating services. 100% success rate guarantee or full money back.

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How does it work? We help things move ahead.  Just an example: a guy from New York has had a successful FBA business on Amazon or Walmart marketplace. One day he decides to sell his account and inventory completely to run a flower shop. Another guy from LA needs an extra Amazon store to scale his FBA monster. So, we connect these two guys, a seller and a buyer. Everyone is happy.


* Our stores are for the US & Canadian markets only. USA-based seller accounts may sell in certain restricted categories, such as pesticides.


Important Updates:

May 16, 2020

Starting from now, Amazon will send a postcard with a code to verify an applicant’s physical address. The registration process for new sellers is getting tougher each day. Stay cool 🤪

amazon sends postcard to verify physical address during the registrationThis is done to prevent the massive influx of black hat registrations of the so-called ‘ghost’ or ‘stealth’ seller accounts. Creators of such accounts are in big trouble nowadays after the new Amazon updates.

With us, you don’t have to worry about things like this. We provide you with trusted and established stores only. All our stores have high-velocity limits and are ready to work right now.


April 25, 2020

Recently, Amazon has rolled out a new weapon against the aged Amazon seller accounts.

The new weapon is called re-verification:

amazon seller account re verification 2020 trouble how to solve help assistance how to handle

What does it mean? Can I sell my Amazon seller account if it’s non-verified?

Let us Any Amazon seller account that wasn’t used for a while and didn’t make any sales goes into a dormant state.

See also: The new Amazon verification program for new sellers (learn more).

When you buy a dormant account and start using it, you are going to have big problems if you don’t have the original owner’s contact information since the account needs to be re-verified in order to get reactivated by Amazon.

To reactivate the account, it’s the original owner (his name and address are used within the account) who is eligible to submit his documents (his passport or driver’s license and his bank or card statement).

If you cannot provide those docs and proofs, the account cannot be used anymore. Having bought the so-called ‘stealth’ or ‘ghost’ account (registered with fake docs), you won’t be able to re-verify it and you will just lose the money you have paid for it.

With us, you don’t have to worry about the re-verification at all.

All accounts we offer are authentic and created by real people or legal entities only. They are ready to work at any time.

We are your trusted partners. Welcome aboard.

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What We Offer

We offer real, verified, and healthy Amazon seller stores.

You get either existing FBA stores with active listings and inventory or accounts that don’t have any stock at all but have a successful selling history:

  1. All stores we offer are ready to work right now.
  2. All stores are authentic and created by real people or legal entities only.
  3. We don’t sell so-called ‘ghost’ or ‘stealth’ accounts made by using fake documents taken no one knows where.
  4. We don’t provide accounts in bulk. Each store is a gem. Gems are precious (see prices below).
  5. All accounts are on FBA (you can still use FBM) and Professional plan (sometimes they are on Individual plans to remove unwanted spending).
  6. Our accounts may also have certain restricted categories ungated, such as toys, topicals, baby and kid, health and beauty, kitchen and garden, pet food & supplies, etc. If you need, we can ungate any category or brand for you individually (learn more).


Premium Unsuspension Services

Have you been suspended by Amazon? Funds locked? We now offer our premium unsuspension services: Click here



Creating, owning, and maintaining a business account on Amazon is not an easy task. Especially, these days. This is why prices are not cheap either.

We are reliable providers of real, verified, and authentic Amazon FBA business accounts. All accounts have an excellent Amazon reputation and health.

Our price packages:

  1. Silver: a 1-year-old seller account with some previous history of sales, feedback, and reviews $2,500+
  2. Gold: a 2-year-old seller account with a nice selling history and reviews (with or without branded inventory) $3,000+
  3. Emerald:: aged Amazon seller accounts (4+ years old) with a powerful selling history and reviews. May have ungated brands and categories $5,000+
  4. Ruby: a profitable Amazon FBA business with online stores and inventory. Established brand (Private Label) $10,000+

* Since each and every account is evaluated individually, all prices are approximate.

Premium Amazon Seller Accounts

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How Can I Buy or Sell an Account?

To make your order, please write us an email: or use the contact page: (click here)

Alternatively, you can add us in Whatsapp, Messenger, or Telegram by clicking the buttons below:

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For Buyers:

Your order will be delivered in less than an hour after discussing all the details and receiving your payment.

The ungating services may take up to a week.


Is It Legal?


where can i buy or sell amazon seller accounts in 2019


However, we hope you understand that, in general, buying or selling Amazon accounts is against the rules of Amazon and their policy:

Well, what they do to us is also against the rules, the rules of ethics and morals. And nobody has the power to change that situation.

We have a feeling that Amazon has declared war on us, the sellers.

amazon keeps banning and blocking sellers

They have banned and suspended all of us massively. Now, it is high time to strike back! Buying an extra seller account for your business is your pavement to a safe and sound future.


Countless Threads of Screaming on Amazon Seller Forums:

Well, they have been successful (Amazon is worth almost $1.5 trillion). They are cool. They must keep the buyer’s safety and comfort.

But that’s not an excuse for why they don’t want to help and understand the NEWBIE SELLERS.

As well as for why they sweep out the ESTABLISHED SELLERS who sometimes fail to comply with all their mad and tough rules.

They suspend them. They lock their funds. They tell them to get out.

That’s why an established Amazon account is always a scarce asset. The demand for them is huge, there is always a shortage of supply.

So get ready to spend a lot to get access to the most popular marketplace in the world.


What If They Know? Will They Sue Me? Will They Ban Me?

Know what?

First, the Amazon account is not a legal entity. It’s just your access to the marketplace.

Second, when the account transfer is conducted properly and professionally, the account starts to operate under a new LLC, a new tax ID, a new card, a new bank account, all-new business details. It’s 100% new. And it’s yours.

That’s how it works. That’s the best practice. We know how to do the transfer professionally.


How Do I Pay?

  1. Wire/ACH  transfer to our US bank account is our #1 choice.
  2. Additionally, you can pay with your credit or debit card using the third-party payment gateway we use.
  3. Least popular but still accepted options include: Payoneer, Bitcoin*, SEPA, Western Union, etc.
  4. We are not accepting PayPal at the moment due to technical issues.

* We recommend you buying Bitcoins (BTC) via the Paxful service. Using Paxful, you can top up your cryptocurrency account by paying with your credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex) and send BTC instantly to our Bitcoin wallet.

Image: Paxful

** Other nice options to buy cryptocurrency (Bitcoin):

  1. (link) – Binance is the #1 cryptocurrency exchange in the world that allows debit/credit card purchases. Try (link) if you are from the USA.
  2. appvery cool crypto startup.


How We Deal

Before any money transfer happens, we share all the details and information regarding the account with you.

We demonstrate the account through the most secure screen sharing applications (TeamViewer, Zoom).

Often, we create a secure communication room (Whatsapp or Telegram) to discuss details with both you and your business partners who want to take part in your negotiations.

With us, you, no matter whether you are a buyer or a seller, and your business partners, will get all the information on what is going to happen in advance so the purchase process goes smoothly.


What People Say

Read the reviews shared by our recent customers:

amazon seller account broker review 2020

Most people, however, feel uncomfortable to share their reviews on buying or selling Amazon accounts. They want to keep it private.

You can see more reviews on our FB page (click here).

That’s it. You are now welcome to ask all your questions.


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my account was suspended right after registration. they asked for utility bill, and i sent to them but didn’t get any reply after 3 week. please help

Sad story. But this is absolutely normal for Amazon these days. There is no solution to this, unfortunately.

Hello guys i’m from usa
i urgently need a good seller account with previous sales and histories. what do you have currently? thanks

Hi Bill,
we have a few interesting stores for you. We emailed them to the address you specified in your comment.

Hello, I am looking for a new account up to 1-2 years with a good sales cycle that works without removing the products you have under these conditions

I live outside of Usa and I already have an account.
I have a friend who lives in Usa and we want to open an account together on behalf of both of us.
Is it possible for you to help me with this?

We sell ready made premium accounts with previous selling history. We don’t help with registration. Please join our email list to start receiving actual offers.

I am selling an amazon old buyer account with purchase history. interested buyer contact me
my skype: deleted
Email: deleted
Facebook: deleted

thank you for your request but unfortunately we don’t buy buyer accounts.

Good luck!

I am happy with the deal and service I got from Hypegram. I wanted to sell my unused Amazon account and the service agent was cooperative and supported me through out the whole process. It is a trusted service that I would definitely recommend.

Thank you for your kind words and patience that you
had with us during the re-verification process.
It was a big-big pleasure for us to deal with you, dear!
Have a wonderful time!

re verification by amazon