Faroe is a far-away dream for every photographer. There are no woods. There are few inhabitants (around 50 thousand people, actually). There is not much sun. But plenty of ocean, fog, and mist. All those make that place look so mysterious and unrealistic.

Below are the most fascinating shots of Faroe Islands recently posted on Instagram:

Gloomy ocean. Empty road. Lonely rocks. By Chris @black.sail_, a photographer from Manchester, UK.

Gloomy faroe Islands in the eyes of Mads Peter Iversen (Instagram: @madspeteriversen_photography), a landscape photographer and youTuber from Denmark.
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Fog and Sun. Faroe Islands by Saviour Mifsud IG: saviourmifsud

Faroe huts with moss roofs. Looks fabulous. Perfect home for a hobbit. By Chris Poplawski @chrisroams, a guy living for the adventure.

Cozy hut. Smoking chimney. By Francesco Salvaggio (Instagram: franckreporter), an adventure photographer

Lonely mountain. Is it a dawn or a sunset? By Pietro Ienca (Instagram: @pietroienca), an Italian photographer.

Gásadalur. Fogs. So much fog

Border of the Worlds

Huts, huts, huts

Funningur. Mountain foots plunge into the frosty ocean

Sørvágsvatn. This is how July sometimes looks in Faroe.

Dark side of Faroe. Church is the only white spot here. By Florian Klein (IG: @flotodiary), Zurich based adventurer

Fog + Darkness

Unrealistic landscape

Titan’s fang

The road to the Beyondness

Thank you guys for your outstanding works!

P.S. Despite being a self-sovereign territory, Faroes Islands belong to Denmark. Did you know that?


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