17 Most Inspiring Iceland Travel Accounts to Follow on Instagram

Cover photo: Arnar Kristjansson
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Iceland is a magic place full of contrasts. This tiny faraway land is so terrifically inspiring that it is hard to believe it does really exist.

A birthplace of elves, vikings and trolls, Iceland has attracted hundreds of wandering photographers (also know as wanderlusters) every year. Looking to shoot its indescribable landscapes, many of them fall in love with Iceland and settle down there to become a part of that miracle.

Below are the 17 most inspiring Instagram accounts showing mysterious beauties of Iceland, the land of ice and fire.


1. Arnar Kristjansson @arnarkristjans_photography

Arnar Kristjansson, a landscape photographer from Iceland, expresses his love to the nature of Iceland through the photos. No ordinary shoots, just an infinite flow of inspiration.


2. Simona Buratti @simona_br_photography

Simona Buratti is Arnar’s partner and love, they create their Instagram miracles together.


3. Beyond The Lands @beyondthelands

Beyond The Lands is Arnar’s and Simona’s project. On its instagram page, you can forget your daily routine and dive deep into the beauties of Iceland, one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Featured by NatGeo and BBC.


4. Gunnar Freyr @icelandic_explorer

Gunnar, a well-know Icelandic landscape photographer, shoots both, himself and Icelandic wildlife. He notices little details that ordinary people often pass by.


5. Ivar Eythorsson @ivareythorsson

Ivar Eythorsson shows his love to Icelandic nature by capturing soft sunset light, flying birds and girls in front of charming landscapes.


6. Bryce Byrnes @brycebyrnes

Bryce Byrnes is a guy with a Canadian passport and an Icelandic soul. And his shoots are warm and tender which is a big contrast to Iceland in winter.


7. Hördur Kristleifsson @h0rdur

Saturated colors, bright details and unordinary perspectives in Hörður Kristleifsson’s instagram blog will add colors to your everyday life.


8. Arnar Freyr @arnar.tomasson

Lumberjack shirts and attractive views in Arnar Freyr’s account are waiting for your likes.


9. Lost in Iceland

A collection of the most beautiful pictures of Iceland. Be ready to spend hours staring at the magnificent photos!


10. Gardar Olafsson @gardarolafsphotography

Wonderful glaciers, waterfalls and polar lights by Garðar Ólafsson.


11. Asa Steinars @asasteinars

A lively page created by a girl who captures her travels in a magnificent way.


12. Kolbrun Yr @kollayr

Viking woman. One stop place for wonderful dogs, bright colors and smiling girls.


13. Jeroen Van Nieuwenhove

A Belgian guy who has fallen in love with Iceland. Lots of sunlight, pure white snow, and funny Icelandic creatures.


14. Tanja & Sverrir @icelandic_travelers

A couple that found some place for their big love – Iceland. Founders of


15. Iceland @iceland

Great photography blog to discover even more great photographers shooting Iceland. Easy to remember instagram nickname.


16. Jon Ragnar Jonsson @jonfromiceland

Unique pictures which you will not find on other profiles. Authentic photography style.


17. Thrainn Kolbeinsson @thrainnko

Frosty photos that will make you want to pun on a warm sweater even if it’s hot summer outside.


That’s it!

Which account has made you feel like you are on the other planet?

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