Justin Scudney (Instagram: @j.scud) is traveling through the beauties of the Eastern part of the United States with his beautiful girlfriend. Do you feel and smell all the colors and aromas of that fabulous autumn? I do.

Telluride, Colorado. Lonely road to the autumn dawn of gold.

Autumn forest from above. Yes, Justin, I agree, it’s absolutely mind blowing. My body simply dissolves in the ether when I see the things like that.

Yosemite National Park. Did you know that the square of the Yosemite National Park which is located in Sierra Nevada mountains (CA) is more than 3,000 square kilometers (1160 sq miles)?

Crested Butte, Colorado. Oh, those birches bathing in the sun. And that girl in her hammock. The shot was posted at the end of August. The autumn was nearing. I can even feel her breath.

Despite that shot was made in Icefields Pkwy, Alberta, Canada, I couldn’t pass by those moody and mighty mountains.

Thank you, Justin!


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