Best CBD Oil in 2020 Review

best cbd oil review 2020 for men women dogs cats pain relief cbd extra shell shock priceWhat is Nordic CBD Oil?

Today we are going to talk about Nordic Oil, which is a company that produces CBD oil products and is physically located in New York City, New York. CBD (also known as Cannabidiol) is one of the two active ingredients derived from marijuana or hemp, the other more commonly known and the more controversial compound is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

Nordic Oil CBD products are available for purchase online and are made from certified organic hemp using CO₂ extraction. 

Prices and Best Deals:

Nordic Oil offers 2 amazing deals that will save you a lot of money compared to a local in-store purchase. You can buy 3 x 1500mg CBD for the price of $279.00 USD, as well as 3 x 2500mg CBD for $495.00 USD.

500mg CBD 30ml$39.00
1500mg CBD 30ml$99.003
2500mg CBD 30ml$165.00
Mani drops CBD+Melatonin$35.00

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This is not to be confused with THC, which is the preeminent ingredient in marijuana and is a psychoactive compound that creates the well known mind-altering effect or ‘high’ when cooked in food, smoked or otherwise delivered to the bloodstream.

It is more effective when heated as this activates the compounds. Nordic Oil CBD products do not contain THC and that is not what this article is about.

CBD is the less prominent compound present in marijuana, and the one which doesn’t have any mind-altering effects. Cannabidiol oil is well known to have many effective therapeutic uses as well as profound medical benefits to the body.

CBD oil products contain concentrations of CBD which are extracted from hemp to form the final product. Many CBD oils will also include different varieties of oils, herbs, etc.

This is usually intended to create treatments for specific ailments. Nordic Oil’s CBD tinctures are made with Non-GMO and ECO-certified hemp. They are also gluten-free, vegan, and contain no artificial preservatives or dyes.

The website is quite user-friendly, the product descriptions are straight to the point and informative. Nordic Oil’s product line consists of 4 different options, varying in strength, also including a melatonin tincture variant to help promote restful sleep.


What Benefits Can CBD Oil Provide?

The benefits are bountiful, and the side effects are minimal. Of course, you should always be careful when mixing any sort of medications, natural or otherwise and always consult the appropriate medical professionals on a regular basis. Research has shown that most people do not report any negative side effects. 

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How Does CBD Oil Work?

Cannabidiol oil directly affects the endocannabinoid system (part of the brain) enhancing the effects of other brain chemicals like serotonin and anandamide. It is a powerful antioxidant that, of course, suppresses inflammation and it lowers the pain perception making it easier to bear.

CBD oils like the ones provided by Nordic Oil should be used on a regular basis with a relatively consistent treatment plan taking into consideration one’s daily intake of any other forms of medications from pharmaceutical prescriptions to simple herbal teas and other remedies.

CBD advocating health practitioners speak of the grapefruit test. CBD oils break down in the body and are metabolized very similarly to that of a grapefruit.

If a doctor, pharmacist, or drug manufacturer warns against eating grapefruit while taking the medication, chances are it is not a good idea to use CBD oil at the same time. When in doubt, check it out. The doctor’s office is only a phone call away. I, myself, have never heard of any medication (except Viagra) that warns against eating grapefruit, but I am sure there is something out there. 

CBD Fights Insomnia and Improves Sleep

CBD oil is well known to help people get to sleep and is often used to combat insomnia, however it’s important to note that some have reported that it can cause less restful sleep and waking up 3-4 hours afterwards in some patients.

I think this potentiality would be more likely when taking larger doses of CBD all at once in the evening. It is better to take a staggered and gradual approach to your CDB dosage level.

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There are a residual effect and a balance that is best obtained by a consistent dosage over time. While sometimes some results are very quick, it can also take up to a few weeks before the full and proper effects are prominent. 


CBD Oil is Good Pain Relief for People, Cats, and Dogs

Humans, felines, and canines. Yes, that’s right, people are using CBD oil products for their furry loved ones as well as their human families.

Indeed, cat and dog lovers and veterinary professionals all over are reporting CBD oil tinctures have been used effectively to treat pets. It can be used to help with minor ailments as simple as occasional trouble sleeping, up to complex medical treatment plans for serious diseases.

“What are you suffering from? What ails you? Could your quality of life be improved?”


Which Diseases and Disorders Does CBD Treat?

Many people have been enjoying relief from their symptoms which medical professionals for years thought their only options were dreadfully damaging pharmaceuticals:

  1. CBD oil has been used effectively to treat osteoporosis.
  2. CBD oil tinctures are often used effectively to treat Alzheimer’s disease.
  3. Parkinson’s disease has been treated effectively with CBD oil.
  4. Tinctures have been used effectively to relieve symptoms of glaucoma.
  5. Nordic Oil CBD products can be used effectively to treat rheumatoid arthritis.
  6. Additional evidence shows CBD oil tinctures have been used effectively to help autism.
  7. Of course, we all know the big C has been a target for alternative treatments where traditional medicine has been mostly unsuccessful, CBD has been used effectively to treat cancer.
  8. And even diabetes mellitus.


CBD Oil for Depression, Anxiety, and Addiction

One of the more important things to note, with the majority of the world’s population, at least from time to time, reporting battling depression, anxiety, and addiction while being the most under-treated and supported issues that we are often held to society’s pressure to tough it out and be strong.

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Yes, you guessed it, CBD oil tinctures and other CBD delivery methods have been used effectively to treat anxiety, depression, and addiction. Many have used CBD products to treat PTSD effectively.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is something that often goes overlooked and under prioritized when it doesn’t reach the full-on shell-shock flashbacks level but still causes many undesirable symptoms like agoraphobia, anxiety, and depression.

Now, everyday regular people who don’t have time to go down a long healing road explaining their trauma from the past can help regain balance over the mind’s defense systems. 


ADD and ADHD, Acne, Multiple Sclerosis, Quit Smoking, PMS, Epilepsy, and Others

  1. Another ailment that has become more common in society and seems to surface on a microlevel in most individuals of this day and age, CBD oil has been used effectively to treat ADD and ADHD.
  2. Studies also show that CBD products, particularly skin creams, can reduce acne and scarring.
  3. Essential Tremor is a nervous system (neurological) disorder that causes involuntary and rhythmic shaking, for which CBD treatment has shown a success.
  4. ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease, or motor neuron disease) is a disease that paralyzes people over time, due to the brain no longer being able to communicate with the muscles in the body that we are typically able to move at will. CBD treatments have shown to help this too.
  5. CBD oil also helps Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) which is a pain in the jaw joint, which can be caused by a variety of things, ranging from; trauma, bruxism (or grinding your teeth), or clenching your jaw.
  6. CBD tinctures may also help migraines. These are severe throbbing or pulsing pain in the head, usually on one side. Migraines are often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, as well as high sensitivity to light and sound.
  7. Multiple Sclerosis (MS), is a progressive, immune-mediated disorder, where your body mistakenly attacks body parts vital for everyday function. The protective covers of the nerve cells are left damaged, diminishing function in the brain, as well as the spinal cord. CBD remedies can also help treat this.
  8. Guess what? It can also help ease that time of the month! Premenstrual syndrome (PMS), emotional and physical symptoms which occur within the one to two weeks prior to a woman’s period, including bleeding, bloating, tiredness, acne, mood swings, etc).
  9. Many people have been reporting success using CBD to assist with quitting smoking. Findings suggest that it may help reduce withdrawal symptoms.
  10. CBD is also proven to be a natural alternative for treating epilepsy (a chronic disorder, which causes recurrent, unprovoked seizures).

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Nordic Oil CBD tinctures can also be used effectively for:

  • Dementia – memory loss
  • Pain / Chronic Pain (pain that persists for longer than 12 weeks, despite treatments and or medication)
  • Fibromyalgia. Heightened pain response to pressure and chronic pain
  • Thyroid Disorders
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Maternity
  • Menopause
  • Use CBD Oil for hair loss and alopecia 
  • Rosacea
  • Porphyria
  • Psoriasis
  • Skin – Topical use for general skin health


If you suffer from anything mentioned above, then I strongly recommend giving Nordic Oil CBD tinctures a try.

I am an advocate myself, as it works wonders for me. I used to have insomnia and a lot of muscle and joint pain from working construction, often taking Tylenol or Advil which are bad for the liver and kidneys.

Now I am drug-free with the all-natural CBD healing power keeping me healthy happy and sleeping well at night.

I am grateful for Nordic Oil, I much prefer the hemp over marijuana and carbon dioxide extraction as overall health is an important factor for me in life. I do not like trading one evil for another, and this clean and natural pain relief and sleep aid solution is by far the best option in my books.

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CBD and THC products are legal in Canada and most US states for medical as well as recreational use. It is also legal in Europe excluding a few select places, legal for medical but not recreational use in Germany. And In Italy only products containing 0.6% or lower CBD are allowed.

Generally, it is not acceptable to cross the border with CBD products, and especially THC products, or ship them across the border. Always make sure you check with your local laws before purchasing online.



Before writing this review on Nordic Oil CBD tincture, I had a look through the most popular websites online that had reviews of these particular products.

I found exactly what I expected, a lot of positive reviews with nothing negative to report. It is a wonder why we have kept this miracle of nature hidden from our health plans. Nordic Oil has many happy customers who have left reviews online in a few different places.

Here are some testimonies from customers of Nordic Oil products:

“My name is May and I’m 41 years old. I’ve been sick all my life due to severe PTSD. I suffered from severe depression, anxiety, confusion, body pain. I have no idea what the future will bring, but I have hope that my story can be positive in this world. So, THANKS…. I feel like I’ve become a human being again.”



“I have seborrheic dermatitis with a severe outbreak of eczema. Now I take Nordic Oils CBD oil daily. My symptoms have improved incredibly! All the stress associated with the disease is gone!”



“Due to the epilepsy of our pug Emma, I came across Nordic Oil on the Internet. Her condition. So bad that we thought of ending her suffering. The effect came within a week. CBD Oil 500mg can never run out in our house. A great product.”

-Karin and Emma the Pug


“I struggled with nightmares and strange dreams a lot and since I started using CBD, I don’t have any anymore – only nice and quiet dreams. I also suffer from skin blemishes. 3-4 drops of CBD oil on my face before going to sleep and after just one night, you see a big difference – it’s like a miracle!”

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“I suffer from tennis elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis), on the right, then the left. I bought the 500 milligrams oil. Next day I take one drop under the tongue. The effects were amazing! My pain improved a lot. I also started to sleep like a baby. I hadn’t had good sleep for years.”



“I take Nordic Oil 2000mg oil, all my symptoms have gone. CBD oil. I recommend it to anyone with any diseases & impairments.”



I recommend checking out the blog at the official website for Nordic Oil, under the success stories, to read the full story each customer had to say about their experience with Nordic oil, and many more wonderful results from other CBD users.


Nordic Oil Product Info



Nordic Oil’s product line consists of 4different CBD tinctures coming in 30ml(16oz) dropper bottles, varying in strength, including the melatonin + CBD variant.



Nordic Oil’s offers free shipping anywhere in the United States for any order above checkout total $20, any orders below $20 will be charged an extra $5.99 for shipping. You should receive your package within 3 – 5 business days. Very basic, nothing to complain about their shipping policies. 


Return Policy

According to the website, all Nordic Oil products are eligible for a full refund within 30 days. Please contact Nordic Oil support to initiate a return. Perfectly happy with their return policy, but I don’t expect to use it.


Prices and Best Deals:

Nordic Oil offers 2 amazing deals that will save you a lot of money compared to a local in-store purchase. You can buy 3 x 1500mg CBD for the price of $279.00 USD, as well as 3 x 2500mg CBD for $495.00 USD.

500mg CBD 30ml$39.00
1500mg CBD 30ml$99.003
2500mg CBD 30ml$165.00
Mani drops CBD+Melatonin$35.00

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They also have a twelve percent off coupon on their blog to welcome new customers for their first purchase. Please comment on this article to let us know if it’s still working, I cannot use it anymore as it is for your first purchase only and I was already a happy customer myself.

With prices this low, it’s a no brainer, I mean, after all, your health and quality of life are worth more than money can buy. I have recommended CBD oil products to friends, colleagues, and family members, so far each and every one of them has thanked me.

The only ones I couldn’t recommend to switch to CBD’s, was because they already made the switch themselves.

Good luck!


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