Bans FAQ

Why Do People Buy Existing Amazon Seller Accounts?

where and how to buy and sell amazon seller accounts in 2020

Imagine if Amazon finds you guilty of selling counterfeit products and suspends your FBA seller account.

Or they suspend your account for shipping delays (FBM) when you thought you had sorted it out by choosing the best carrier.

For you, it’s the end of the World,¬† and you don’t know how to reinstate your existing business.

Bans FAQ

My Amazon Seller Account Has Been Suspended. What is the Reason? Can You Help?

Amazon seller account ban is a frequent thing, and it can happen to any seller.

amazon seller account has been banned suspended what is the reason 2019

Amazon seller forums – usual thread

1. Ban After Registration

Seller account suspension after registration is the TOP ONE suspension reason on Amazon nowadays. A new seller receives such an email 10-15 minutes after his account approval: